Craft Farmhouse-Style Light Fixture - 6-bulb, 4-panel

Craft Farmhouse-Style Light Fixture - 6-bulb, 4-panel

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Industrial, distressed, electrified. Each of these fixtures is 100% unique, made to order.

Each fixture contains Lichtenberg etched, routed inlays, centered on the perimeter of the fixture, creating a two tone color scheme, as well as body paneling showing the unique etchings as well.

  • This custom, ceiling-mounted fixture would look awesome above a dining table or in a den.
  • Although showing in the photograph, wires will be consolidated and hidden from view.
  • Mounting hardware included. 
  • Lights are made to use E27 Edison bulbs, 45 watt maximum. (Bulbs are NOT included in the purchase)
  • Estimated Finished Dimensions: 18" x 34"
  • PLEASE NOTE: While we take great care in assembling this product using UL Recognized components, the assembly as a whole is not UL Listed or tested for safety; therefore, this fixture should be installed by a certified electrician only. This fixture is not intended for outdoor use. 

Please remember, we take pride in our customer service and unique designs.

Contact us directly with any special requests, and we will attempt to accommodate. Anticipated delivery time for each order is 6-8 weeks.  However, don't be surprised it it shows up in 3 weeks, we want to ship as badly as you want to enjoy your product!  Thank you for understanding!