About the Owner

On September 22nd, 2017, M1 Craft Co. was featured on INSP Network's Handcrafted America hosted by Jill Wagner.  Below is an excerpt about M1 Craft Co. from that show! 



Unlike many artisans, Paul can’t say that he was drawn to his craft.  He had no plan, and never envisioned any of this happening.  Rather, M1 Craft is the culmination of multiple things. He was born in Rochester, Michigan, to parents both involved in the automotive industry, and he grew up helping (or being “dragged into,” helping, as he says) his parents with projects. Both were hands on, extremely creative, and constantly building and renovating.

Consequently, Paul always thought in a creative fashion, visualizing products, and full of ideas — ideas that were never acted on. That changed in 2011, when he bought his first house, and realized that he could bring certain ideas to fruition —and he was actually good at working with his hands.

One night, while browsing online, he found a video of students experimenting with creating Lichtenberg figures, using electrical voltage to create patterns similar to a lightning flash. That discovery was Paul’s “flash,” the missing link he had been searching for.

“My career is in Supply Chain Management; I always refer to Supply Chain Management as organized chaos. I guess that is the same in regards to the design of the fixtures and other products in the pipeline.  Perfect angles and square corners – deliberate designs – combined with the inlaid Lichtenberg figures and panels, results in a design that incorporates geometry and the randomness of nature – no set of figures are ever the same. I think the products offer something that is not only practical and simple, but a conversation piece and art form that can be appreciated as well as used in everyday life,” Paul says.